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Happy Fall…and Hello, Christmas.

Yesterday, I heard the word “Christmas” mentioned twice on the radio. “Christmas giveaways” and “Christmas gifts” were spoken of as if Christmas were a week away.

Every year, it never ceases to surprise me how early the Christmas buzz begins. I think the majority of this talk—and thought—happens amongst those who like to plan ahead for Christmas gifts.

Even if you aren’t one who plans ahead, don’t we all think we like to plan ahead? We promise ourselves that this will be the year we will make jams or preserve pickles or create hand-sewn ornaments. Or, if we’re not Martha Stewartly-inclined, we just start shopping early.

It’s funny how so much of Christmas thought early-on is devoted to gifts instead of simply anticipating the reason why we celebrate. That doesn’t mean giving gifts is a bad thing. It’s actually a wonderful tradition. A way to give honor. To give something that displays thought and care for someone we love.

If you’re already thinking about what you might give to your family and friends for Christmas this year, here’s a thought to consider:

Why not give a gift that blesses and honors more than one person’s life? Early this October, Childcare Worldwide’s Christmas Gift Catalog will be available. Inside, you will find a huge variety of unique and meaningful gifts. Gifts that will provide children and families around the world with survival and the tools they need to break free from poverty. Everything from clean water for communities in need to blankets for children to stay warm at night. Each gift is practical, but also essential for the survival and growth of children worldwide.

So why not show your love to family or a friend this year by giving a gift in their honor to a child in need? You can still give them that jar of jam, but perhaps you could give a child a new pair of shoes in their honor as well. It will be a gift that blesses twice!

Look for our Christmas Catalog in the mail this October. If you’re not already on our mailing list, let us know! Just send us your name and address and request a gift catalog—we’ll send it right to you!

Let the Christmas countdown begin…

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