God’s plan for Agnes

As our East Coast Choir Tour winds its way through the wintery countryside, Agnes bundles herself up tightly with a warm scarf and a hat pulled over her ears. She’s not used to this climate! She comes from the hot, humid climate of Uganda where palm trees sway in the occasional breezes. Now, snowflakes float lazily past the window where she gazes out at the bare trees stiff with frost.


Agnes thinks back on her life and how she got to where she is today – touring the United States with 10 rambunctious kids who are singing and dancing their way into the hearts of so many Americans.

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Kids step up to lead

The children in the choir are great examples. Examples of how God heals, examples of how to worship whole-heartedly, examples of taking joy in the Lord. Most recently, they were examples of how each one of us is called to build up our fellow Christians.

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Choir kids become TV stars!

Tuesday, September 15th, the Ugandan Kids Choir entered the Fox channel 8 news studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and gave one of their best performances! Undaunted by the overhead lights and TV cameras that moved swiftly across the shiny floor, the kids sang and danced with the joy and exuberance that has made them so well-known and loved by everyone they meet.



It was the first time this group of 10 youngsters had ever been in front of the camera. Check out their American TV debut here.

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