Choir kids become TV stars!

Tuesday, September 15th, the Ugandan Kids Choir entered the Fox channel 8 news studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and gave one of their best performances! Undaunted by the overhead lights and TV cameras that moved swiftly across the shiny floor, the kids sang and danced with the joy and exuberance that has made them so well-known and loved by everyone they meet.



It was the first time this group of 10 youngsters had ever been in front of the camera. Check out their American TV debut here.

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New Name, Same Great Sound!

Ugandan Orphans Choir

is now


Our kid’s choir from Uganda is getting a little makeover with a fresh new name: “Ugandan Kids Choir.” But that’s the only thing changing, everything else remains the same. The exuberant dancing and beautiful voices will continue to thrill and inspire audiences around the U.S!

East Coast Choir - Name Change

Check out the website to see if they are performing near you!



Little boy, big adventure

Many of you may remember the story “Heidi,” about a young girl living with her grandfather in a remote mountain hut, and then, one day being sent to live in a big city. What a culture shock it was for her. Moving to a big city, people can feel rushed, claustrophobic and lonely. It can be a culture shock on many different levels. In a small village, everyone knows your name, there is a greater degree of trust in people and the pace of life is much more leisurely. The story of Heidi came to mind when I visited Matia Sozi last February in his home in Uganda. Matia lives with his grandfather in a small hut surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds he has known all his life – watching his grandfather making bricks, hearing the gentle slapping of his hands as he forms the mud, the sound of the banana leaves swaying against each other in the wind, and falling asleep to the patter of rain on his tin roof. Now, like Heidi, this young boy is leaving his village behind and coming to the big “city” of America as the youngest member of our East Coast choir!


I first met Matia on a typically hot African afternoon while driving down a dusty, red-earth road. Looking in the van’s side mirror, I saw the clouds of dust being kicked up behind us as we drove, and was glad we hadn’t passed anyone on the road who would be subjected to this lung-choking grit. Continue reading

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