Clean Water
Gives Life

For just $15.20 per child, you can provide safe and sustainable access to clean water.

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Your gift of clean water will transform a child’s life!

Around the world, 2.2. million children die from drinking dirty water every year. Countless more suffer from water-borne illnesses. But we believe every child deserves access to clean, life-giving water – and you can help us make that dream a reality.

Right now, hundreds of children are drinking dirty water.

Children waste hours of their day carrying heavy water jugs for miles. Along the road, they are vulnerable to injury, assault, and drowning.
Worst of all, the water isn't even clean.

Thankfully, you can help!

Your gift will enable local churches to build water tanks and deliver household water filters. Together, we can provide their communities with safe and sustainable clean water solutions!

Church partners

We work through local churches to deliver physical water, which provides great opportunities to share about the Living Water of Jesus Christ! Our church partners are building new connections with people of other faith backgrounds, and seeing their congregations grow, all due to clean water projects.

water tanks

Built at centrally located churches, each water tank stores over 2,500 gallons of fresh rainwater and serves up to 200 people. Not only are the tanks free from the chemicals, parasites and bacteria that contaminate groundwater, they also save children from trudging for miles carrying heavy water jugs.

water filters

Simple, but effective! Our water filters use the power of gravity and a hardworking charcoal filter to make even the dirtiest water safe to drink. Mud, parasites and bacteria are no match for these filters. Each one can provide clean water for the whole family, improving health and saving lives!

Give a gift today to share both physical water and Living Water!
Just $15.20 provides clean water for a child in need.

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